Cyberdefenders – DetectLog4j writeup


For the last week, log4shell vulnerability has been gaining much attention not for its ability to execute arbitrary commands on the vulnerable system but for the wide range of products that depend on the log4j library. Many of them are not known till now. We created a challenge to test your ability to detect, analyze, mitigate and patch products vulnerable to log4shell.


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Cyberdefenders – MalDoc101 writeup

It is common for threat actors to utilize living off the land (LOTL) techniques, such as the execution of PowerShell to further their attacks and transition from macro code. This challenge is intended to show how you can often times perform quick analysis to extract important IOCs. The focus of this exercise is on static techniques for analysis.

Suggested Tools:

  • REMnux Virtual Machine (
  • Terminal/Command prompt w/ Python installed
  • Oledump
  • Text editor

En primer lugar vamos a instalar el software necesario para realizar el reto

Descargamos OLEDUMP

mkdir /opt/oledump
cd /opt/oledump

Instalamos oletools

pip install -U oletools
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Cyberdefenders – Bucket writeup


Welcome, Defender! As an incident responder, we’re granting you access to the AWS account called «Security» as an IAM user. This account contains a copy of the logs during the time period of the incident and has the ability to assume the «Security» role in the target account so you can look around to spot the misconfigurations that allowed for this attack to happen.


Your IAM credentials for the Security account:

  • Login:
  • Account ID: 322079859186
  • Username: security
  • Password: password
  • Secret Key: paVI8VgTWkPI3jDNkdzUMvK4CcdXO2T7sePX0ddF


The credentials above give you access to the Security account, which can assume the role of «security» in the Target account. You also have access to an S3 bucket, named flaws2_logs, in the Security account, that contains the CloudTrail logs recorded during a successful compromise

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