Instalar SSH en Netapp

Instalamos SSH… 

redorbitanetapp> secureadmin setup ssh
SSH Setup
Determining if SSH Setup has already been done before…no

SSH server supports both ssh1.x and ssh2.0 protocols.

SSH server needs two RSA keys to support ssh1.x protocol. The host key is
generated and saved to file /etc/sshd/ssh_host_key during setup. The server
key is re-generated every hour when SSH server is running.

SSH server needs a RSA host key and a DSA host key to support ssh2.0 protocol.
The host keys are generated and saved to /etc/sshd/ssh_host_rsa_key and
/etc/sshd/ssh_host_dsa_key files respectively during setup.

SSH Setup will now ask you for the sizes of the host and server keys.
For ssh1.0 protocol, key sizes must be between 384 and 2048 bits.
For ssh2.0 protocol, key sizes must be between 768 and 2048 bits.
The size of the host and server keys must differ by at least 128 bits.

Please enter the size of host key for ssh1.x protocol [768] :

Please enter the size of server key for ssh1.x protocol [512] :
Please enter the size of host keys for ssh2.0 protocol [768] :

You have specified these parameters:
host key size = 768 bits
server key size = 512 bits
host key size for ssh2.0 protocol = 768 bits
Is this correct? [yes] y

Setup will now generate the host keys. It will take a minute.
After Setup is finished the SSH server will start automatically.

redorbitanetapp> Wed Jun 13 11:53:18 GMT [secureadmin.ssh.setup.success:info]: SSH setup is done and ssh2 should be enabled. Host keys are stored in /etc/sshd/ssh_host_key, /etc/sshd/ssh_host_rsa_key, and /etc/sshd/ssh_host_dsa_key.


 Probamos a conectarnos… 

Intetamos acceder mediante SSH (con el usuario root):

rokitoh@red-orbita:~$ ssh root@
root@’s password:





Saludos, rokitoh!!

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